Haileybury Astana on TED Talks YouTube channel

Haileybury Astana on TED Talks YouTube channel

On the 14th of August videos of TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana speeches were finally published on the TEDx Talk youtube channel for open access. 

In June 2021, Haileybury Astana pupils organized a TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana event under the theme of "FORWARDS”. This theme was chosen to represent the way straight to the future, overcoming all the obstacles on the way. 

During this fabulous event, three students from Haileybury Astana, Nazarbayev university students, health representatives and Dutch and German embassy representatives Andre Carstens and Holgar Kolley shared their experiences and ideas with the audience. 

Despite going through a tough year, our students were able to hold such an amazing event. More than 70 people attended the event enjoying presentations and discussions with each other. 

We are proud of our students for organizing such an event and thank all the visitors for attending! Today you have a chance to experience this event at home by watching videos of their speeches at the TEDxTalk YouTube channel! 

We show gratitude to Ruslan Shegai, Temirlan Ismailov, Holgar Kolley, Ainur Bekenova, Andre Carstens, Barbie Zabielski and Haileybury Astana Year 13 pupils Sacha, Alima and Tair for their outstanding performance! 

Special thanks to the TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana organizing team for providing us with such a tremendous experience! 


Haileybury Astana on TED Talks YouTube channel

Management team consisted of 5 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students Akhmet, Aigerim, Alfais, Roland and Ian. International Baccalaureate Diploma programme is a worldwide, non-profit educational program founded to provide students with education fit for a globalising world.
Haileybury Astana is one of the schools that provide such programs, letting students create and organize their own projects like TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana.
Visit TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana portal
Haileybury Astana on TED Talks YouTube channel
Register for English Olympiad
The Secondary English Department of Haileybury Astana would like to welcome all interested students to take part in the second English Olympiad and we hope it will be a fantastic way for the students to challenge themselves further in the English Language, to demonstrate their skills in using it and their pleasure in communicating well.
The Haileybury Astana Full and Partial Scholarship Competition is open
Starting from November 2022 to February 2023, Haileybury Astana will be holding a grant competition for 16-year-old students to study the two-year IB Diploma Programme for 2023. The candidates will take tests that include Mathematics and English subjects, and verbal and non-verbal logic.
Over £2500 raised for the World of Equal Opportunities fund
On the 17th of September, we held a Haileybury Day Charity Event to support The World of Equal Opportunities fund which promotes sports games among children with disabilities in Kazakhstan.
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