Haileybury Astana graduate has been accepted to the University of British Columbia

Haileybury Astana graduate has been accepted to the University of British Columbia

We would love to сongratulate our graduate Arina for being accepted to the University of British Columbia. It is a huge success, and we are very proud of her! We asked Arina some questions regarding her university destinations and preparations for the exams and would like to share her answers with you. 

What university have you been accepted to? What are you going to study?

I have been accepted to Lancaster University and the University of British Columbia (UBC) and I will be going to UBC. For the first two years, I will study commerce and then specialise in marketing.

How did you feel when you received the results?

I was relieved because I was expecting less.

How would you describe your journey as an IB student? Was it hard?

It was complicated due to various factors, including the fact that I've never studied in a British school before, but overall, it was an entertaining experience.

After completing the programme do you feel like you are ready for university?

Yes. Moreover, the transfer credits I will get will allow me to focus more on courses I feel particularly interested in.

Would you give any advice to those, who are only at the beginning of their IB journey?

Try to start IA's and EE as early as possible and dedicate time to finish them during the summer after the first year. It will help you to have more time to revise for exams.

Did you receive any support from your teachers?

Yes, more than I could have imagined, all the questions I had found, and answer and teachers were always willing to spend time making sure everything is clear. 

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