Haileybury’s Got Talent Winners

Haileybury’s Got Talent Winners

As part of the Enrichment Week, our Senior School teachers prepared an extensive plan full of activities for Haileybury Astana’s students. After all the hard work they have done, it is good to step out of the classroom and engage in various projects, which will expand practical knowledge and enrich their curriculum.

Enrichment Week is full of fun and engaging activities that give pupils a chance to develop new skills and try something new. We opened the Enrichment Week with our annual talent show  - Haileybury’s Got Talent. All students from Senior School were encouraged to participate and showcase their talents. 

Students demonstrated a wide range of skills: from singing acapella to animating a short film. The performances were magnificent. After some deliberation, the judges announced the winners. 

We would like to congratulate Year 12 IB students. Aisofiya and Uzeir, for taking the first place. Well done to Lily (Year 10), and Saron and Daria (year 9),  who came in second place in Haileybury’s Got Talent. Milana, a Year 9 pupil,  also competed in the talent show, winning the honorary third place. 

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