'Mathematics allows you to see how little steps can bring you to something big'

Merey, Year 12 IB student on participating in various Mathematical Olympiads,

Merey, Year 12 student studying IB Diploma Programme shared with us the reasons for her love of mathematics and the moment she discovered her passion for the said subject. Mathematics is a particular subject that is not for everyone. Being mathematically adept, Merey gave a few words of encouragement to pupils who can find the subject complicated. 

How does it feel to be a medallist of the Zhautykov Olympiad? Was it your first time participating in the Olympiad?

I feel pretty happy about it. No, it wasn’t. Actually, I have been participating in different mathematical competitions for several years.

Do you remember when you discovered a passion for mathematics? 

Yes, it was in primary school. I used to compete with one of my classmates trying to solve maths problems faster than him, it was indeed funny.

Can you name a couple of reasons why you love mathematics? 

First of all, for its beauty I guess. I love the way some theorems and concepts are being proved and then applied for more complicated problems. It allows you to see how little steps can bring you to something big. The second reason is probably the fact that it is something I am able to do. I can not solve all the problems, of course, but at least I can comprehend things and learn more. 

Congratulations on making it into the team of Kazakhstan at the European Mathematical Olympiad for girls! What was your reaction when you found out that you will be participating in the competition?

It was not a big surprise since I knew my selection Olympiad results compared to the results of others. However, I feel honoured to be in the team. 

For how long have you been studying at Haileybury Astana?

It is my first year studying at Haileybury Astana. 

Can you tell us about the approach to teaching mathematics in Haileybury Astana? 

I would say that it is noticeably different from what I see in Kazakhstani educational system. Of course, I am more used to the approach I have been experiencing myself for many years, i.e. to the one that is practised in Kazakh schools. However, I only study the IB programme and can not make a general statement about the approach in the whole school throughout all year groups.

Any words of encouragement for pupils who are struggling in this subject?

There is no need to be excellent in mathematics, science or other subjects. You only need to make sure that you try to do your best. What is more important is to do what you love and what you can and enjoy life.

Haileybury Astana Year 12 student takes third place at Asian-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad!

The Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO) is an annual mathematical competition for countries in the Pacific-Rim Region. The APMO started in 1989. The competition aims to discover, challenge and encourage mathematically gifted high-school pupils. A central committee selects a paper with five questions to be solved in 4 hours, sends marking schemes and determines award winners.

This is a fantastic achievement for Merey, Year 12 student studying IB Diploma Programme. Haileybury Astana expresses gratitude towards Mr Magzhan Kabashev, our Olympiad teacher and the mathematics department for supporting the pupil. We wish Merey all the best to succeed in new challenges!

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