Our Hearts are with the people of Kazakhstan

We hope that everyone in our Haileybury community is safe and well following recent events in the country, and we have been working hard to make plans for reopening safely in both cities in the coming weeks. 

Dear Parents

The tragic events of the past days have left everyone saddened. The beautiful country of Kazakhstan is now doing its very best to prepare to return to a semblance of normality and we are working hard at Haileybury to respond to the challenges brought by recent events as well as the on-going Covid situation.  Our Headmaster, John Coles and his team have been working tirelessly to prepare the school for every eventuality. 

As you are aware, the Chief Sanitary Doctor has decreed that schools will be online until 31st January. I am sure that we will soon be able to once again be together at school, offline and operating normally. In the meantime, I enclose my best wishes to everyone for a safe and productive period in the weeks ahead.

Kind regards,

Ian Hunt

Chairman of the Board of Governors

Dear Parents
We would like to sincerely offer our thoughts and support to the residents of Almaty and especially those who lost loved ones in the events of last week. At times like these the unity of a community is so important for success. Whilst the two Haileybury Schools in Kazakhstan, are located in different cities, we have a very close bond with our sister school and we were grateful to be able to offer assistance to them. 
Looking ahead, the safety of our community, from what ever challenge, is always our top priority and we have been working very hard for preparation of our new term. We look forward to starting the teaching and learning and continuing to develop and educate the future leaders of Kazakhstan.
On a personal note, Kazakhstan is a country which I hold very dear to my heart. I am confident that the people of this great nation will rise from recent challenges. 

John Coles


Haileybury Astana

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