Grand Prix at 'Enana International Dance Competition 2019'

On January 5, 2019, Enana International Dance Competition took place in Ballet Academy, Dubai. It was a dance competition for children aged 8 to 18 years of all nationalities where our Haileybury dance group took an active part and won the Grand Prix.

The Head of Haileybury Dance grioup, Laura Ismailova: 'We have been diligently preparing for Enana International Dance Competition 2019 and once again our girls proved that we are moving in the right direction. As a group leader, I was worried of course, but my girls gave me a lot of confidence. We performed with four dances: “Akku”, “Peacocks”, “Barbie” and “Bipyl”. We have overcome so many rehearsals and much of emotional stress, but with every of their performance on the stage my heart calmed down and I was confident. I also want to thank the moms who supported our girls on their way to victory!'

The judges of Enana International Dance Competition 2019 was presented by such professionals as:

·     Mrs. Parween Habib - a Bahraini writer, poet, media expert, educational and research officer in the field of culture and literature. She supervised the training of specialists for Dubai Media Incorporated and helped to launch successful programs of cultural dialogue, the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf. In 2011, she аще the Dynamic Woman Award, awarded by George Washington University, the first international prize for successful women across the world.

·     Her Excellency Ms. Afra Al Basti - General Director of Dubai Foundation for Women & Children, a member of Federal National Council. Ms. Al Basti has a bachelor's degree in applied science, biochemistry and biology, of the UAE University and has devoted 28 years of her career to serving higher education.  

· Svetlana Al-Neyadi - founder, director and ballet-mistress of the first UAE youth ballet ensemble - fantasy ballet in Abu Dhabi.

·   Fadia Dalla - Syrian journalist, poet and writer, General Director of Adam international production & marketing media company, media consultant for government agencies in the UAE, general manager of TARAF magazine in Dubai Media City, media trainer and holder of international media training certificates, Ex-Minister of Social Affairs of the UAE.

·   Darya Yelmakova - the main dancer of the State Academic Ballet Theater n.a. Jacobson, St. Petersburg, winner, awardee of many international competitions of ballet professionals.

·       Albina Belova - the founder and director of Enana Ballet Academy in Dubai and Burlington.

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«Ата-аналарға арналған Серіктестік бағдарламасы» аясында Бахыт Абдрашева (мектеп кеңесшісі) және Инна Акопян (директор орынбасары) «Салауаттылық дегеніміз не?» және «Ата-аналардың қарым-қатынас жасауларына не кедергі?» деген маңызды сұрақтарға жауап беретін болады.

Күні: 19 қазан, 2021

Уақыты: 14.00

Өтетін орны: Акопян ханымның кеңсесі

Аударма жасауда және қарым-қатынасқа қолдау көрсету мақсатында орыс тілді қызметкер  

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