MUN Conference in Nur-Sultan — British School Haileybury Astana

MUN Conference in Nur-Sultan

MUN Conference in Nur-Sultan

Haileybury Astana pupils participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) conference at international school in Nur-Sultan this weekend. Working alongside schools from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan they discussed and debated real world issues such as: the global response to climate change, the regulation of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, and the emerging threat of cyber terrorism and the need for increased cyber surveillance.

This event offered the opportunity for Korkem-Ay and Alima to develop new MUN experience by chairing committees for the first time. They did a wonderful job, and ensured that their committees passed their resolutions by the deadline. Our delegation had noted success when Ayaleem (Thailand) and Akhmet (China) were awarded 'Best delegate' for their performances in committee. Zioddin (Iceland) received an honorable mention for his participation.

Awards aside, ASTMUN was a wonderful opportunity for all pupils to engage with current conversations in a productive forum. We are grateful to organisers for hosting the event. A big thank you to all the staff who supported this weekend. Please note that Haileybury Astana will be hosting our own HASMUN conference in February 2020. This will be our first MUN conference and we are very excited about the opportunities this will bring to pupils from our school and beyond.

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