‘Our youngest learners: our future leaders’ — British School Haileybury Astana

‘Our youngest learners: our future leaders’

‘Our youngest learners: our future leaders’

Jane Knight, our Head of Primary, had the honour of being a guest lecturer at the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. The Graduate School of Education has been working with the Head teachers of the public schools around Astana offering Professional Development in Leadership and current trends in teaching and learning.

Jane spoke to a group of Kindergarten Head teachers and shared the approach at Haileybury to teaching and learning in the Kindergarten. Her lecture entitled ‘Our youngest learners: our future leaders’ focused on how our team at Haileybury develop, through our approach of Continuous Provision, a constant environment that is safe for children to explore whist challenging their learning. The learning environment also allows children the freedom to explore and become independent in their choices.

A ‘Question and Answer’ session followed on from the lecture and this allowed an opportunity to explore the many similarities in the provision in their own schools as well as the differences in our approaches in child initiated and child led learning.

New professional friendships were formed and Jane is now looking forward to visiting Kindergartens around the city and finding more ways we can work as Partners in Learning to develop provision for all our youngest learners: our future leaders.

Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2021
В мае 2021 года школа Haileybury Astana предлагает всем желающим старшеклассникам из школ города Нур-Султан принять участие в Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2021
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