Year 6 Geography Field Trip

Year 6 Geography Field Trip

On Thursday last week, Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to visit the River Ishim. This was part of our ‘entry point’ for our IPC topic, ‘Go with the Flow’ which focuses on the Geography, History and Science around rivers. 

We were fortunate to have Mr. Palmer with us, who is our Secondary Geography teacher, and he led the children in Secondary style activities at the small beach located near Central Park. The children were able to practice using their new geographical vocabulary to describe the setting and features around them.

The children used different pieces of equipment including ranging poles, clinometers and calipers to investigate a slip off slope on the River Ishim. They measured the gradient of the slope, pebble size and pebble shape to see if there were any significant changes as they moved away from the river bank. Back in the classroom, the children will be able to use the data collected to plot graphs and compare results with their friends.

We also spent time producing a field sketch so they could identify any characteristics or features that might influence river flow or river processes such as erosion. Having a chance to use geographical equipment will enable our pupils to investigate the natural environment around them and discover new areas in Geography.

The children very much enjoyed these practical activities and it was a fun, educational way to spend a morning at the beach in autumnal Nur-Sultan!

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