A-Level Results and University Applications 2023

A-Level Results and University Applications 2023

Haileybury Almaty is proudly celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Over the years, this prestigious institution has consistently achieved outstanding academic results and university placements for its students, marking a remarkable journey of growth and success. We delve into the highlights of this exceptional year, showcasing the school's dedication to preparing young minds for a bright future.

One of the standout achievements of Haileybury Almaty in its 15th year is the impressive performance of its A-Level pupils. Globally renowned as the most popular academic program for preparing pupils for university, the A-Level programme at Haileybury Almaty has continued to excel. In fact, this year witnessed the largest A-Level year group in the school's history, with the number of candidates doubling.

Quality is paramount at Haileybury Almaty, and the academic results of its pupils underscore this commitment. An astounding 60% of the grades achieved by A-Level pupils were at the prestigious A* or A level. This remarkable accomplishment highlights not only the pupils' dedication but also the school's unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

Haileybury Almaty prides itself on providing a global education that prepares its students for success on the world stage. As a testament to this, this year's university placements have been exceptionally successful. Students from Haileybury Almaty have been accepted into some of the world's top universities, reflecting the school's dedication to fostering international perspectives and global readiness.

In addition to securing placements at the world's top universities including Harvard, Oxford, Brown,King's College, UCL, Haileybury Almaty students have also been successful in obtaining scholarships, further emphasizing their academic prowess and potential. This year, they have collectively earned over 1.6 million dollars in scholarships, opening doors to a world of opportunities.

We are excited to invite you to explore a new feature here on the website that will help you achieve a better understanding of our school and all that we have to offer. You can take a virtual tour of our campus, explore our classrooms and facilities and take a closer look at our admissions process.

You'll be able to see first hand what sets our school apart and why we could well be the perfect fit for your child's education.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

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