Fees and Prices - Haileybury Almaty International School


The fees below include the following: all meals and snacks at school (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack); all co-curricular (excepting those given by external providers and individual music tuition; academic tuition and holistic care and support for 10 months; pupil stationery and notebooks; EAL tuition; and on site security and medical centre in a safe and protected learning environment.

The school fees for 2019-20 / 20-21:

Year group





4 384  200

Key Stage 1


6 428 200

Key Stage 2


7 537 800

Key Stage 3

11 -13

8  604  300

Key Stage 4


9  810  500

Key Stage 5


9  810  500

This is not a public offering.

The 2020-21 school fees remain the same and are paid in three payments:

The first payment is due by:  21st August, 2020 (1st term)
The second payment is due by: 04th December, 2020 (2d term)
The final payment is due by:  06th March, 2021 (3d term)


School fees are reviewed annually by the Governors and published in the May preceding the new academic year.


Registration fees and deposits:

Registration fee:

KZT 37 000

(to register for entrance assessments)

Guarantee deposit:

KZT 365 000

(to secure your child’s place (refundable))

Please note that additional charges are levied for certain activities such as music lessons and some co-curricular activities.

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