An Insightful Visit from Emily Towner, PhD Psychology Student from University of Cambridge

We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Emily Towner, a PhD Psychology student from the prestigious University of Cambridge, to our Haileybury Almaty campus this week.

Emily's visit was not just an ordinary one. She came with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the intriguing fields of neuroscience, brain development, and the adolescent mind. Our parents and pupils were the fortunate recipients of this enlightening knowledge.

The session was a deep dive into the complexities of the human brain, its development, and the unique characteristics of the adolescent mind. Emily's presentation was packed with the latest research findings, making it both educational and intriguing.

She explained neuroscience in a way that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their background knowledge. She shed light on how our brains develop and function, and how these processes can impact our behavior, learning, and overall well-being.

Our parents found the talk particularly insightful, as it provided them with a better understanding of the changes their children are going through during adolescence. Meanwhile, our pupils were fascinated to learn about the science behind their own development.

This visit was a wonderful opportunity for our community to delve into the science behind how our brains work and develop. It was an enriching experience that left us all with a greater appreciation for the complexities and wonders of the human mind.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Emily Towner for taking the time to share her expertise with us. We are sure that the knowledge she imparted will go a long way in helping us understand ourselves and each other better.

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