MIT students in Haileybury Almaty

MIT students in Haileybury Almaty

This week, we have been thrilled to welcome to Haileybury Almaty two current students of MIT, Sophie Mori and Alexander Lynch. Sophie is a Computer Science and Linguistics Major, and Alex is a Computer Science Major. They have been teaching a variety of workshops to pupils in IGCSE and A Level, on topics including linguistics, cryptography, and circuits. They have also had personal Q&A sessions with groups of pupils, and will be conducting lesson observations. 

On Tuesday, they spoke at assembly about themselves and their journeys to MIT, and gave a similar talk on Wednesday to parents at the IGCSE options evening; they answered parent questions afterward. It has been wonderfully inspirational for our pupils to get to know and work with Sophie and Alex, and see how self-motivation and boundless curiosity can propel you to great academic heights. Sophie and Alex will be with Haileybury Almaty through Tuesday, and then they will repeat their programme in Haileybury Astana before returning to MIT on February 2nd.

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22.06.2020 The School is now closed for the summer holiday. 

Our leadership teams have been working closely on the planning details for the re-opening of the Haileybury Schools and we will share this information with all families as soon as we have confirmation from the relevant authorities. 

We are currently taking applications for a very limited number of new places for August 2020. If you would like to make an enquiry about joining our School, please visit the admissions page for details or contact the Admissions Team on