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Sport life at Haileybury

Sport life at Haileybury

Haileybury Almaty offers a holistic education, prepares self-confident young people with leadership and social skills. The British curriculum, followed by the school, has high academic standards, and in addition to the academic program, much attention is paid to creative and sports activities. The successes of children in sports are equally important as achievements in other subjects. Sports activities for children are not just entertainment, but a necessity that allows children to be healthy, to strive for the right way of life.

Now the network is actively discussing how many PE lessons are needed, how important they are for the younger generation. Journalists of the interactive platform Voxball approached Haileybury Almaty, to get an opinion of British teachers on this issue. We suggest you look at the interview of Mr. Erskine, the head of PE at Haileybury Almaty, with his opinion of the importance of physical education in school life.

PE Lessons at Haileybury Almaty

Haileybury Almaty pupils’ Charity Initiative
We are proud to share with you the story of Nursultan; he started the initiative together with his friends who are current and former Haileybury pupils.
Haileybury Almaty pupil goes to Yale!
Gaukhar Alzhanova, a Haileybury Almaty graduate who received an offer from Yale University, shared her success story.
Haileybury Almaty pupils go to Cambridge and Columbia Universities!
More and more Kazakh applicants from the top schools in the country are becoming students of the world's top universities. What makes them attractive to the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities?
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