Haileybury Parents' Association

The Haileybury Parents’ Association works seamlessly with the school in organising various functions from formal balls to casual quiz nights.
Its main aim is in creating opportunities and environments for every parent to get as much from the school as they wish to.
The Committee of the Haileybury Parents’ Association comprises parents of boys and girls at Haileybury.
As well as a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, it also includes a representative for each House as well as representatives from the school staff. Details of all the members are included on this page.

Calendar of events for the school year 2021-2022:

  • HPA committee meeting with school staff September 16 2021 
  • New parents welcome party 2nd week of October 2021
  • Winter Fair and Festival 1st week of December 2021
  • Art Auction and Exhibition 1st week of March 2022
  • Charity Ball last week of May 2022
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