Message from the Chair of HPA

Annual Report (2022-2023)

The Haileybury Almaty Parents' Association (HPA) is an integral part of our school community, working tirelessly to foster a sense of unity and philanthropy among our students and parents. The 2022-2023 academic year marked another year of success for HPA in organizing various events and activities that not only brought our community together but also made significant contributions to charitable causes. In this report, we outline the achievements and results of HPA's endeavors during the past academic year.
In this report, we outline the achievements and results of HPA's endeavors during the past academic year.
Charity event

Winter Wonder Fair 2022

The Winter Fair held during the academic year raised a total of 1,170,000 KZT, with contributions from both HPA and the school's houses. This impressive sum was donated to the Solnyshko orphanage, demonstrating our commitment to supporting those in need. This event not only provided a festive atmosphere but also served as a platform for our community to come together for a noble cause.

1,170,000 tenge raised

Community Event

Haileybury Ski & Snowboard weekend 2023

The Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana Ski Races 2023 held at Oi Qaragai resort on March 4-5
With a total of 105 participants of all ages, the event achieved its goal of bringing the Haileybury parental community closer together. The Ski Races 2023 exemplified the spirit of Haileybury, promoting a sense of togetherness, sportsmanship, and community involvement. It stands as a testament to the schools' dedication to fostering holistic development and building strong connections among their students, parents, and staff.
Entertainment Event

Intellectual Games for Parents among Houses

December 2022
The Intellectual Games organized by HPA served as a "friend-raising" event rather than a charity drive. This event promoted camaraderie and intellectual growth among our parents, fostering a sense of community within Haileybury Almaty.
Intellectual Games for Parents among Houses
Charity event

Art Auction at Esentai Gallery 2022

HPA organized an Art Auction that successfully raised a total of 1,325,000 KZT. Out of this amount, 1,150,500 KZT was generously donated to the Recycle.Birge eco-movement. This initiative showcases our dedication to sustainability and environmental causes while also promoting the appreciation of art within our community.
1,325,000 tenge raised
Art Auction at Esentai Gallery 2022
Charity event

Summer Ball

One of the highlights of the academic year was the Summer Ball, which raised an impressive total of 25,000,000 KZT. This entire amount was donated to the rehabilitation center for children with special needs. This substantial contribution reflects our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those less fortunate.
25,000,000 tenge raised

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing HPA team, who tirelessly served numerous parental events throughout this year. We extend our best wishes for their continued success in all their future endeavors.

Let's  welcome New HPA Officers for the  Academic Year 2023-2024

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