Dear Parents!

The Haileybury parents association was created in the fall of 2019 at the initiative of the school governors and the school’s management team.  Since then the HPA committee has gone through a noticeable evolution from a group of 8 enthusiastic moms to a well co-ordinated, united organisation of 19 parents with its own Constitution, policies, procedures, and rules of conduct. You can find all of the regulatory documents on the school website. 

The HPA committee consists of 16 house representatives, 4 parents from each house, 2 of which are from the Senior School and 2 from the Junior school.  The association committee is coordinated by 3 officers, the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer.  I would like to focus on the process of selecting House representatives and officers of the HPA committee.  Any parent who wishes to contribute to the work of the committee and to become a House representative on the Committee should approach their Head of House or their House representative. The final decision and admission to the Committee are made by the relevant Head of the House and three officers. 3 officers in turn, are nominated by the Committee members and approved by voting at the Annual General Meeting of Haileybury parents. The voting for the next year's committee officers will be conducted via google forms at the beginning of the next academic year. 

The main goal of the committee is to unify Haileybury parents by holding regular social events. In the 2021-2022 academic year the HPA committee members organised a number of social events, both within the Houses and school-wide events such as a Mocktail party for new parents, and the traditional Winter Fair for Haileybury pupils, Intellectual Games for parents to celebrate Christmas and Nauryz holidays. 

During this year's Winter Fair we raised and donated 500 thousand tenge to the Solnyshko orphanage house. I also would like to mention that in 2019 the HPA organised a Winter Fair and raised about 9 mln tenge in charitable funds. The proceeds were partially used that year for renovations of premises in the Emergency Department of the Children’s Clinical Hospital No1 in Almaty. The remaining donations, amounting to 4 million 300 thousand tenge were utilised this year for the purchase of equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the same clinic. In May 2021 the HPA committee with the help of the school art department organised another fantastic charity event, the Art Auction where 41 artworks of our children were sold and they raised funds in the amount of 3 million 190 thousand tenge were donated for renovations to the Women Shelter located in Almaty.  This year, another Art Auction will be held.  

We believe that all our work helps our families to feel more comfortable at the school, and helps to create a healthy and friendly environment within our community.  I really hope that new parents inspired by our work and our friendship will join the HPA Committee next year.  If you are considering this opportunity, please inform your Head of House or HPA Committee representative. 

I’d like to say a few words about the HPA budget. Each year, the school allocates funds to finance events organised by the HPA Committee. 2 pounds per pupil is allocated per term. This academic year it came approximately to 4200 pounds. Obviously, this is not enough for all events we organise throughout the year.  Sometimes, the school supports financially some events, we attract many sponsors or some HPA members act as sponsors. 

And the last thing, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all our team members for their hard work, devotion, passion, time and energy. I am very proud to be a part of this group of smart, beautiful, creative women! 

Thank you very much for your attention! 

Gulmira Chetinelli

HPA Treasurer

Entertainment Event

Intellectual Games for Parents among Houses James Bond

December 2021
130 parents attended
Intellectual Games for Parents among Houses James Bond
Entertainment Event

Nauryz Intellectual Games for Parents

May 2022
170 parents attended
Watch the video about this amazing event
Nauryz Intellectual Games for Parents
Charity event

Art Auction at Esentai Gallery 2022

The Haileybury Parents Association in cooperation with the Art Department Director Mrs. Hannah Nekounam for the 2nd time organized an art auction of Haileybury Almaty pupils' artworks. The proceeds go to charity to support animal shelters in Almaty.
more than 2,000,000 tenge raised
Watch the video here
Art Auction at Esentai Gallery 2022

HPA Officers for the Academic Year 2022-2023

School events with Parents and pupils in 2021 - 2022
Winter Wonder Fair 2021
Winter Wonder Fair 2021
Haileybury Ski & Snowboard weekend 2022
Haileybury Ski & Snowboard weekend 2022

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