Haileybury Explorer Programme 

We at Haileybury realise that there is a significant difference between life and school. But what if we could combine certain aspects? 

We have been giving out opportunities to our IBDP students in various positions. Whether it is a position in our organization or in another.  

As part of the partnership with the "World’s TOP universities" University Counselling and advice service, representatives from several well-known universities around the world, such as HKUST Business School (Hong Kong), The University of Calgary (Canada), Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland) and De Montfort University (Kazakhstan) visited the school and met with the IB students. 

Sixth Form students were presented with an exciting opportunity to learn more about the admissions process, academic courses, facilities and the countries in which these universities reside. At the end of the sessions, the representatives held a Q&A session, where pupils had a chance to ask questions and familiarise themselves with the universities. 

Providing university counselling services on-site, helps pupils to gain entry to the most competitive universities in the world. Our amazing university counsellors provide a spectrum of support, from career guidance to the application process. Many thanks to Mrs Ana Munoz Lopera and Mr James Chandler for arranging the workshops.

In addition to these workshops, this programme has opened new opportunities for our students. From doing something that would be important for CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service), which is an important component of the IB programme, to taking internship positions in subject areas of interest for our students. We have had several students attend a workshop / internship at Nazarbayev University.

Haileybury Explorer Programme: Workshop at the Nazarbayev University

Amalia, a Haileybury Astana IB student has took an internship position at Nazarbayev University in her area of interest for her future studies. 

In the First Term, our IB student Amalia completed an internship at Nazarbayev University. During the workshop, she worked with Bakytzhan Sariyev, a PhD student at the Department of Materials and Aerospace Engineering. She was working on the development of 3D printing of metals used in the aerospace industry.

We previously wrote about a workshop by another of our students, Aniya, at the NU School of Medicine. These workshops are all part of the Haileybury Explorer programme, which gives our students an opportunity to explore career choices, get hands-on experience and have a glimpse of the authentic workplace. The programme allows Sixth Form students to meet with professionals to discuss the prospects of their chosen profession and see the work in practice.

Aniya, a Haileybury Astana IB student has participated in a three-day intensive workshop at the Nazarbayev University school of medicine as a part of the Haileybury Explorer programme.

The team of researchers she worked with ran various experiments and tests on bladder cancer. The main goal was to find drugs and treatments to help treat this disease.

Aniya oversaw and helped with various procedures like freezing cell cultures, examining organoids under microscopes, and performing a western blot test. It was an enriching and fascinating experience that encouraged her to pursue a different career in medical research. Earlier she did an internship at the Medicine and Research Summer Program at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons as well.

Marketing Internship at Haileybury Astana

We are proud to present the opportunity for our current students as well as alumni to take an internship position in the Haileybury Astana marketing department. Throughout the years we have had several students who showed interest and engagement with the marketing department at Haileybury. We wanted to reward these students with an opportunity that can be crucial for their life and CV.

Since we have a lot of international students at Haileybury who might struggle with a potential language barrier here in Astana, Kazakhstan, a friendly and English-speaking environment can be helpful in providing opportunities and experiences in a country where some might be disadvantaged. 

Internships at Haileybury have an impact on how your CV looks. Our students already engage in activities with the community in the prior mentioned CAS aspect of the IB. However, those are often only small things that one cannot always put onto one's CV. Therefore, we found something that, for our IB students and Alumni, who showed engagement with our marketing department, can give them job experience and valuable life lessons.

Here are some examples of our students who participated in the marketing and their testimony: 

Aimira Abayeva: Class of 2019 

Aimira once said: "Haileybury helped me become who I am" and that she found guidance and help through our alumni system to realise what she wanted to do in life. 

Back in February 2020, Aimira came up to Haileybury to search for an internship position. She wanted to gain work experience and Haileybury is glad that we could help one of our alumni. 

We always look to help and support our alumni, whether it is through internships or just aiding their career path from the moment they step through our doors. 

During her time here in the Haileybury Marketing department, Aimira was able to get all the insights that are crucial for the marketing process. She did market research, wrote articles, interviewing, public speaking... Not only do such skills help her understand marketing as a whole, but at the same time, these skills are transferable to her everyday university life, where she needs to do research, write coherently and keep an open mind. We hope that she was able to expand her horizon to the extent that she was put on the path that she desired most. For reference, she is now doing her Masters in Marketing at the University of Warwick. 

More recent students: What made you want to do the internship and what did you learn from the internship?

My name is Aigerim and I am an Alumni of Haileybury Astana now, I was still in year 13 when I did the internship. I knew from previous projects that my classmates and I did during year 12 and 13 that I would be interested in the projects and tasks that would be given to me by our head of marketing. In addition, from the previous projects I also knew that it would be an amazing and supportive community, which would help me greatly in both having fun as well as doing good work. I feel like the most obvious reason is the convenience for any student from Haileybury. Ms Almira is awesome and supportive, who will give you flexible hours if you are a student, which gives me the opportunity to get some job experience, without doing less school work. 

Throughout my 2 years of IB at Haileybury Astana I learned a lot about working with others, as in doing group projects, working in unison and helping one another. I got to apply such skills to the internship, which allowed me to consolidate these skills. In addition, one of the most crucial things you will learn is the organisational process that goes into running a school, which I feel like can be applied to a larger scale, like a business. I would strongly encourage everyone who wants to, to ask Ms Almira about the internship position as it is not only fun but it will help you consolidate your skills learned from IB. 

- Aigerim 



I decided to do the internship because in the future I plan on studying and pursuing Graphic design or a marketing-based degree. I wanted to not only improve my CV for application, but also because I wanted to see how the marketing department works. Get a rough idea of what it would be like in the future if I did end up pursuing it. I was informed by our university counsellor, Miss Lopera, about this opportunity to intern for the marketing department which I was deeply excited about. Gaining practical experience in the field of my interest was important to me. I was keen to apply my academic knowledge in a real-world setting, working alongside professionals who could provide guidance and mentorship. I have also studied here for a long period of time, which is why I was interested in seeing for myself what happens behind the scenes. 

This internship provided me with valuable insights and an opportunity to try something new, for example, designing stickers for various events and photography. Through these internships, I acquired practical skills that complement my passion for the arts and have expanded my understanding of the industry a little better. Being exposed to a professional work environment, allowed me to observe the standards of professionalism and punctuality in terms of deadlines. Upon reflecting, I realised the positive impact that that experience had on my approach to work. Since I have never done stickers and photography, it allowed me to learn to adapt to various problem-solving situations and develop a proactive approach to overcoming obstacles and finding the motivation to work. Particularly in my photography internship, I learned to view the daily, mundane aspects of my school life in a new and beautiful way. 

- Amina



I’ve always been interested in art, but in recent years, my curiosity has extended to the business world as well, and so trying myself out in marketing seemed like the perfect blend of my creativity and analytical skills. I was thrilled when I got the chance to do my very first internship with the marketing department at our school.

During my internship, I had the freedom to generate fresh ideas, create engaging content, and craft texts that would captivate our target audience. I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with an alumnus and introduce the “Day in the Life of an IB student” rubric to our 6th form account. These experiences allowed me to explore the diverse and enjoyable realm of marketing, while also revealing the countless opportunities it offers. Furthermore, my time in the internship provided me with valuable insights into the inner workings of a marketing team within a business. I learned how different components of the team collaborate and interact with one another, contributing to the overall success of marketing strategies.

- Alsu

, Marketing Manager
Dinara Urtambayeva
Marketing Manager




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